Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is...

This is my box, my box from England, my box from England which cost all the spending money I had (which wasn't very much actually). I was honestly terrified to open it xD, I'm still a bit unsure about the size conversions so I guessed and I didn't know if anything would fit, which would be quite sad considering the size I ordered was the only size left Dx. I think a US 2 translates to a UK 6, but I have no idea - anyone else know? I love All Saints, the clothes are amazing and if I could I would buy everything there, but I currently have no money so that ends that thought. The clothing tags are so cool x) I save all of them (being the nerd that saves everything). I only wish that I could actually wear what I bought now, but they are Autumn/Winter items and it is currently 86 degress Fahrenheit :(
I spilled too much sugar into my tea and now it tastes funny D:


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