Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is...

This is my box, my box from England, my box from England which cost all the spending money I had (which wasn't very much actually). I was honestly terrified to open it xD, I'm still a bit unsure about the size conversions so I guessed and I didn't know if anything would fit, which would be quite sad considering the size I ordered was the only size left Dx. I think a US 2 translates to a UK 6, but I have no idea - anyone else know? I love All Saints, the clothes are amazing and if I could I would buy everything there, but I currently have no money so that ends that thought. The clothing tags are so cool x) I save all of them (being the nerd that saves everything). I only wish that I could actually wear what I bought now, but they are Autumn/Winter items and it is currently 86 degress Fahrenheit :(
I spilled too much sugar into my tea and now it tastes funny D:

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It's like anger management, only prettier

I started this last night after obsessing over this tutorial for forever. It is time consuming and after the first hour the thoughts going through my mind were akin to 'dear god, why the hell did I think I could do this?' But you get into a rhythm after a while and then it went by pretty quickly. I think that I'm going to go up to the shoulder at an angle - but I saw my mothe eyeing it in a very irritated manner, so I may need to save it from the trash at some point, I don't think she approves of my sudden adoration for DIY projects.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Have you got anything without Spam?

Yes! If you were wondering, I am torturing the world with yet another one of my (usually) short lived projects! My true intention is really to relieve some of the boredom that comes with being a student with no money and no sense of direction during the summer. That being said, this blog will most likely contain:

  • My usually incomprehensible babbling about something unimportant, like Spam (I apologise ahead of time)
  • DIY projects (considering I just rampaged through the Craft Store and am left with a) Even LESS money and b) A ton of what SEEMS like junk, but as I tried to explain to my mother, I have ideas and spend probably what would be considered too much time on DIY blogs...)
  • WIP artwork & finished artwork - because I'm feeling particularly untalented and need critiques

And so, if any one person in the world can deal with my rambling enough to actually read this blog, you will probably make my day with any new notifaction of a comment.